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Russian Policy Towards The Ottoman Empire At The End Of 19th. Century And Russian Ambassador In Istanbul A. I. Nelidov On The Eyes Of Lev Brusilov, Captain Of Russian Black Sea Float
At the end of 19th. Century, Russia, in accordance with policy of Concert of Europe, was consulting her foreign policy towards the Ottoman Empire with European powers. But, as a result of distrust to England, Russia doubts about that England is planning to capture Bosphorus without consulting Russia. Nelidov, Russian ambassador in Istanbul, moving under the pressure of wories of British attack to Bosphorus, wrote many report to St. Petersburg in the last years of his mission (1895-1897) recommending to capture Boshporus before the Brtish do it. Lev Brusilov, a captain of russian flot, who has been in Istanbul at the end of 1897, left very important letter behind which give us valuable information about Nelidov’s character and his view of events. We can understand the psychology of Nelidov from these letters. Russia did not attack Bosphorus due emerging problems in the Far East. On the contrary, she began to follow policy of preservation Ottoman territorial unity in negotiation with :Austro-Hungary.<

Russia, Ottoman Empire, Nelidov, Brusilov, Straits. Raid to Ottomn Bank, Austro-Hungary, 1897 Austro

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