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Studies on Georgian Language and Language Policies of Georgia
Georgian language, one of the oldest languages and 14 original alphabets in the world, is the official language of Georgia. Beside this, it has the feature of being a cornerstone, from past to now, to be a state. Georgian language and cultureexist in their common language and ethnical structures. Georgian language, borrowing a lot of vocabularies from Ural-Altaic and Indo-Eurepean languages because of its jeopolitical position and cultural exchanges, has been improving very rapid range in the fields of science, culture, education and modern intercommunication. The status of Georgian language has been determined as formal language of the country by Georgian Constitution. The governmental functions of Georgian language has been determined by a language committee running under Georgian Presidency. Researches have been done on Georgian langauge in the most parts of the world among which the most important Cartveology centers are located in Italy and Germany. The sensitiviy of Georgians who have shown deep sensibility for last two centuries has been commented as a strive to save Georgian language from the effects of the others. Georgia has taken concrete steps and been going taking such steps in favor of the minorities’ learning Georgian language. It can be given as example among those that the representatives of the minorities are given opportunity to study one year of free Georgian education; the authority of Georgian language as the official languge of the country is reinforced within all the institutions; the conflicts are resolved through Georgian language and by doing so the interaction among the communities in the country are provided. Even if it is said that the recent policies performed to make the Georgian language a genuine language of the state in real sense are partially successfull, it can be foreseen that much more serious steps will taken in accordance with the currents implementations and the information and experiences to be provided in the course of time.<

Georgian language, education, ethnicity, nations, communities

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