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The Project of Eurasian Union in the Russian Foreign Policy in the Post-Cold War Period
Since the end of the Cold War, the exact size of the changes that are taking place around the world are gradually clear. The most important international fact, is the strengthening of blocks system which takes place in the context of a regionalization process. In this context the modern world stepping from globalisation into regionalization process where regional actors have a say. On the other hand, political activities focused on the implementation of world order based on the priority of their own national interests have been intensified. The struggle between states in order to obtain natural and other resources have intensified and leads to to the emergence of new centers of conflict and conflict in various densities and sizes. In this context, the Russian Federation which do not give up from the desire to become the hegemonic power and to domain on the nearest neighboring countries, aiming to establish close and friendly relations with these countries and forming the Eurasian Union of former Soviet countries via the project was re-started to display configuration efforts based in Moscow. However, Russia faced with many challenges in the process of Eurasian Union formation and Ukraine crisis constitutes a blatant example.<

Eurasian Union, Russia, Ukraine crises, near abroad, foreign policy, security.

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