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How to Comment on Crimea's "Self-Determination"?
Political events in Ukraine resulted in Crimea’s self-determination. Its separation from Ukraine and unification with Russia caused criticisms. This situation is stemmed from tense relations between Russia and West and from the problematic structure of self-determination. In their official declarations, Crimea’s and Russia’s reference to Kosovo’s self-determination leads to question Kosovo and self-determination. Examples of Kosovo and Crimea are different from and against the right of self-determination that has widespread acceptance in international law. Both instances have common elements. Previously, internal self-determination options like autonomy were tried to be implemented but they were not successful. Kosovo and Crimea preferred to use option of external self-determination. Through addition of political conditions, opportunity is offered to choose secession via self-determination. This situation indicates that internal self-determination options have to be enhanced and the ones who want to alter current character of the right have to focus on right’s internal options.<

self-determination, autonomy, Russia, Crimea, Kosovo

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