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The Search for a Solution in Cyprus and the Approaches of Turkey and Greece
Always being the unjustly treated side by the international community, Turks were viewed as unreconcilable in the Cyprus issue, while the Greek side, which resisted all peace offers, was ever being the right side. In the last attempts, the Cypriot Turkish side accepted the so-called "Plan of Kofi Annan" with great majority of votes in the sake of peace, despite that it violates their many vital rights, and contains many unacceptable items. But the Greek side proved to be uneasy side by rejecting also this plan with great majority. Now, the international community have to accept the truth. Turkey and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus have to determine wise policies to make use of this de facto positive situation.<

Cyprus, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, the Cypriot Greeks, the Annan Plan

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