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A Trial Bibliography of Pontus Issue
Pontus Issue, keeping its actuality during the historical period, has shifted from the purpose of establishing an independent state to a political and cultural dimension over the time. The reason why the problem with a history of almost a century old is still unresolved, is the form of discussion, arguments and language used about it. The studies about the issue being addressed with a “black/white” view, locked into a vicious cycle. In this outcome, as well as the lack of a solution-oriented approaches to the problem and trying to move through different courses by highlighting the political dimension of the issue, had an important effect of the using of this subject as a political weapon. Pontus Question, having an important deadlock point in Turkey-Greece relations, also has been inspired by many academic works. There have been a considerable accumulation on the subject, with the effect of being the result of a long historical process of the issue. The existing abundance of literature on the subject, brings some difficulties for researchers in terms of accessing them. This study has been drafted in order to provide a contribution to overcome these difficulties.<

Pontus, Bibliography, National Struggle, Greeks, Black Sea

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