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Ways to Termination of Employment Contract (The Case of the Russian Federation)
After the collapse of the Soviet Union, changing economic and social relations were naturally affected to working life in Russian Federation. The former regime, where not working is considered crime, has provided the people a permanent job security or the guarantee of a job, is lost to history in the new world order. Working life has most affected area by regime change in the country. Therefore, as a result of changing in working conditions, labour relations and emloyee-employer status, has been mandated enactment of new laws to regulate working life. Flexible rules brought in laws to adapt to new social world order, also new forms of work have emerged and thus termination of employment contract has facilitated. In this sense, “Ways to Termination of Employment Contract” which the most important topics of Russian Labour Law examined with legal justifications in our study.<

Russian Federation, Labour Law, employment contract, job security, termination of employment contrac

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