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Present Stage at Russia’s Control Strategies of the North Caucasus in the Historical Process: The Failure and the Terror
The Russians, in pursuit of ambitions since the 16th century to enlarge their empire, have seen mandatory to expand to the east and to the south. In this context, the North Caucasus, with its geopolitical position which controls the axis extending to the warm waters and the depths of Asian continent has been of great importance for the Russians. In order to achieve the objectives, the Russians, aimed at occupation of and controlling the North Caucasus, have lived the dilemma between the approaches, the colonization of the region and the fully integration of it into the Russia. Because of this dilemma, the control strategies applied have differed in terms of the periods and the State’s elites perspectives. From the mid-16th century to the present day, the Russians have widely practiced the policies of the use of Cossacks, Russification and Christianization, acculturation, collaborators creation,

Russia, North Caucasus, Control Strategies, Instability, Radical Islam

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