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Reviewing the Question of Nationalities in Socialism in the Case of Galiyev
The aim of this essay is to narrate the discussions of the European and Russian Socialists upon the national question and also to investigate the contribution of Sultan Galiev to these discussions. The discussions on the national question particularly came to life around the First World War. Apart from some scholars/politicians, by the effect of the War, Socialists brought national interests into the forefront and this nationalization/ national orientation got the II. International separated. In Russia, instead of exporting the socialism, Stalin carried out the policy of implementing the socialism just in one country. The most important contribution of the Galiev to the discussions on the national question is to change the platform of the exploitation from the relation of proletariat-bourgeois classes to the relation of oppressed nations-exploiter countries. Galiev, considering that the Western proletarian is in cooperation with the imperialist capitalists therefore this class will not revolutionize, holds by being founded of the Socialist International in the manner of supporting the struggle of the exploited countries against the colonists and the shifting the route to the West.<

National question, socialist international, cultural autonomy, self determination

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