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Language and Interaction Between Artistic Branches
In the definitions of fine arts are visual and audio qualities besides the communication components through spoken and written language. Even though artistic fields have their own language, there is a need for both written and spoken languages. Literature is also regarded as one of the branches of fine arts in the definition of classical fine arts. Critics examine works of art through written and spoken languages. Spoken language is used in the chats for art. Works told by a person speaking that language well are placed in the position they deserve more easily. While ranking between the branches of art, we give priorities to one of the arts of literature, music or plastic arts. It could result from the competition between them. The tool for competition is spoken and written language. This competition among them plays a significant role in benefiting from each other and is regarded as solving problems. In order to decipher the language of music, painting and architecture, there is a need for mediation of the language of literature. On the other hand, in order to analyze a work of art, a method to determine the effects of music, painting and other arts can be applied. It is also likely to think that there is a common language for all works of art. We encounter with so many examples regarding the interactions between arts. We also see the examples ranging from abstract through the inspiration of concrete to concrete through the inspiration of abstract. Interaction will go on as long as communication exists.<

interdisciplinary art, language

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