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The Assessment of Usage of Worksheets in Turkish Education According to the Opinions of the Student Teachers
The main goal in education is to ensure that the students have the acquisitions which are specified in the programs of the lessons they take. In order to achieve the aimed goals, teachers use different materials within the learning and teaching process in accordance with the modern approaches and methods. In the concept of activity based functional learning, it is important to use various tools, make the environment interesting for the students and achieve a permanent learning. One of the tools that are used in the activities which are carried out with the concept of functional learning is the worksheets. In this study, worksheets are discussed, which have considerably significant functions in ensuring permanent learning and transforming knowledge into skill. The uses of work sheets in Turkish teaching in the School have been evaluated according to views of the candidate. According to the results, Turkish teachers are not conscious preparing and using of work sheets, purpose, function and important etc. issues.<

Turkish education, material development, using of worksheets, learning environment, functional learn

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