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The Effects of Organic and Mineral Stones Used in Jewellery over Human Body
With their textures, forms and colours, illustrating extremely impressive and aesthetic features, organic and inorganic stones are being also used as jewellery due to their physical features such as durability, clarity and hardness. However, stones not only used simply for their aesthetic and textural features, they also had been attached some values in relation with their functions which in turn have reinforced their meaning. Due to its organic structure, by starting with quartz crystalline, the organic relationship between living beings and crystalline has been illustrated and in this context again due to its structural properties, biorhythmic and psychological relationship and interactions between cornelian and human organism has been attempted to be analysed. Accordingly, this study aims to classify the stones under the broad headings of organic and inorganic mineral stones and also targets to illustrate relation between human organism and stones which have been used as alternative medicines for many centuries. Thus, the debate about the physical and psychological effects of stones over human body has been tried to be given a significant scientific substructure <

Organic Stones, Inorganic Stones, Precious Stones, Jewellery Design, Health

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