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The technique of influx of consciousness and internal mono-logue in the story book “Bu Böyledir” (This is so) of Mustafa Kutlu
In literary works, feelings and thoughts are conveyed to readers in different techniques of expression, each of which provides an artist with the possibility of dif-ferent statements. With the technique of stream of conscience and internal monolo-gue, the author expresses whatever he or she wants to say through the characters in his/her book. In expressions with such a technique, the reader comes to think that he or she is faced with a more convincing literary work, because the reader follows the characters without an intermediary help. The story writer enables the reader to ponder about the text, be busy with associations as well as to get involved in the process of the completion of the text. Such techniques of expression in which the story-teller plays very little inter-mediary role in expression and leave the reader all by himself aim to express much with few words. The reader tries to comprehend whatever the writer wishes to say from within a poetical expression. It becomes clear that such techniques are used to produce an expression made rich with symbols, images and associations. This ar-ticle deals with what characteristics are provided by such techniques as the stream of conscience and internal monologue, techniques of expression, for the expression as well as with the reasons why the writer has chosen these techniques.<

techniques of expression, story-teller, stream of conscience, internal monologue, story

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