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Persecution of Armenians in the Light of Kuba Document Library (1905-1920)
XIX. and the end of the XX century, especially in North Azerbaijan, Armenia and Eastern Anatolia, the territory of today's Turks suffered a genocide and atrocities are being semesters. Unfortunately, today in Europe and the former Soviet historiography on these atrocities and genocide has ever considered. Born in Kuba, one of the first Armenian persecution (Guba-Quba) in 1905 were made in the province. The border to Russian, this region was of strategic importance to the holding position. In this study, located in the north of Azerbaijan in Turkey against the Kuba Region will focus on the atrocities. During these years, this land of the Armenians and their supporters in their activities based on archival documents will consider weighted. All the activities of the Armenian Dashnak power mainly in Russian, indicating the support of outside forces has a large number of archival documents. Azerbaijan of the National State Archives (ARDA-ARMDA-ARDTA), Azerbaijan Political Parties and Movements assembly Library (ARSPİHA), Russian Federation State Historical Library (RFDTA), Literature and arts Library, National publications, the Academy of Sciences Institute of History Library , History Faculty Library, Kuba City Library Fond Jewish institutions in areas such as the vast majority of documents in Russian, Armenian gangs only within the borders of Ottoman Anatolia to Turkey, but also in the Kuba region in the Azeri atrocities in Turkey they are applied.<

Northern Azerbaijan, Kuba, Amazasp, Armenians, Caucasia

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