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The Report by the Romanian Ambassador Presented to the Sultan Abdülhamid II on the Ottoman State Structure
It was time that Ottoman States tried to survive in the Abdulhamid II. period. In this period, especially king and statesmen and other intellectuals try to find different solution for preventing from collapsing. Abdulhamid II wanted them these solutions to be presented as a type of pleading. Our article?s subject is pledge about what Ottoman states had to be made arrangements in order to get out of the difficult position. They are given under titles. Romanian?s ambassador explained wisely what States and Ottoman ruler had to do. These are titles which are handled: excessive centralism, lack of serious revisal, lots of meetings, officiality in bureaucracy, abundant civil servants, administrators made revisal in provincial, administrators? realationship with ambassadors, privilege petitions, collecting taxes, reducing salaries and taking away, common security, recruiting of non-Muslims, privileges of spiritual communities, attempt for reform and loans.<

Pleading, reform, karalaş, centralism.

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