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Two Cases Regarding Hellenization Activities through International Relations: the Kalash and the Gagauz
According to the Greek claims, ?the Kalash are Greek Macedonians? and therefore, ?They are Greek?. Besides, Gagauz people, speaking Turkish as a mother tongue and religiously Orthodox Christians, are also considered as Greeks. Within this context, both the Greek and Western people claim that those who had previously been Christian but chose Islam as a religion were Turkified. On one hand, Greece, a member of the EU, and the Greeks are ?discovering? new people as their Kins that are probably unrelated to the Grek nation, and getting closer to them, and, through this way, re-constructing the nation of ?being a Greek?, and Greekifying non-Greeks and giving them a helping hand. On the other hand, in Turkey, some of the Turks are refusing to Turkify others and to assimilate them an deven rejert their kins as proper Turks. Aside from this, some other Turkish people, by espousing the idea that ?differences are richness?, scratch the differences and make them more visible. They are othering themselves in such a way that this negates solidarity and cohesion.<

Greek, Grecize, Turk, Kalash, Macedonian, Gagauz, assimilation,

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