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A Study on Oral Lyric Folk Literature Genres and Their Reflections in Folklore Traditions among the Gagauz
The aspects of researching lyric genres of folk and forms of representation the Picture of the world in the folk tradition. For about hundred years the Gagauz literature was relying only on the oral national tradition. For centuries the Gagauz nation was know as the nation that doesn?t have its own written sources. Now the nation that is like the part of the whole Turkic world is closely connected with its own customs and traditions is living in the Autonomous region of the Gagauz in Moldova. Besides at about 40 thousands of the people are living in Ukraine on the border of the Gagauz Autonomy. The Gagauz nation has never lost its own national consciousness. In spite of various assimilative politics it protected its language and national identity for centuries that helps this nation to be alive till our times. The works like Divan-ü Lügat?it Türk, Kutatgu Bilig, Kitab-ı Dede Korkut that are considered to be common to all Turkic nations and so are also considered to be a part of the heritage of the Gagauz nation. The oral Gagauz literature transferred from one generation to another is the owner of the various literature types. Tales, legends, destans, stories, anecdotes, proverbs and idioms, türküs, ballads, mani, word puzzles ets. are only some of the oral literary types. It?s possible to

folklor ceremony, genre,textual study

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