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Traces of Social Life in the Divançe of Figânî of Trabzon
As a result of the fact that the movement of rapid growth and development particularly in the 15th century was maintained under die leadership of brave and strong rulers, the Ottoman State eventually developed into a huge empire in the 16th century. The eventual outcome of such rapid growth 2nd development was that literature, culture, and science fully enjoyed a number of favourable changes and that there appeared a great number of poets at the time. One of the poets in that period is, of course, Figani from Trabzon, who seems to have deserved, through his original and unusual discoveries, his sensitivity of imagination, and his stylistic beauty, a place among his contemporaries from the artistic view-point of classical Turkish literature even though he was unable to reach the same degree of popularity as Fuzuli, Hayali, and Baki. He is also one of the poets who was faithful to the usage of proverbs and sayings, a tradition which dated back to Necati. Such characteristics as his brightness of imagination, emotional sensitivity, being a poet by birth, and a continual exuberance and excitement make his poets unique. In this study were studied the approach of Divan poetry to social matters as well as its interest in such matters, which have remained to be untouched by most researchers. From this point of view, such elements ns the social life, some characters in the society, social behaviors and attitudes, and folk beliefs depicted in Figani's Divançe were studied.<

Figâni. Divan poetry, social subject, behavior, human characters, folk beliefs

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