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Development of Nationalist Thoughts in the 19th Century Ottoman Literature and a Poem of Abdî Bey of Şebinkarahisar Related with Turkishness
In this writing, during the 19th century, when nationalist thoughts had commenced to spread within modern world, reflections of these thoughts to Turkish literature are considered. In the introduction part of the study, statuses of "Turk" and "Turkishness" concepts within classical literature and history writing are briefly mentioned. How much meanings af above mentioned concepts during classical era are different from their current meanings is revealed. Then, with the change of meaning of nation concept during 19th century, how this had reflected to the Turkish thoughts and literal life is briefly mentioned. In the List section, although it is said in our literal history that first poet, who said that our nation is Turk and Linguage is Turkish Language and these are holy values, is Mehmed Emin Yurdakul, it is determined that similar words had been said by an Ottoman poet, named Abdî Bey long years before Mehmed Emin Yurdakul, and the poem, which these thoughts of the poet arc mentioned, is considered in connection with format and content. <

Abdi Bey, terkîb-i bend, nationalism, Turkish nationalism, Ottoman literature, 19th century, Şebinka

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