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Financial and Military Help of the Soviet Russia to the Turkish Liberation War
The military help of Soviet Russia to Turkish Independence War has started after the "Soviet Help Treaty" which was signed on 24th August 1920. According to military accounts which were before the Great Assault, the Russian covered approximately 35 percent of military equipment and material. Except for some amount of ingot gold which was brought by Halil Pasha, Soviet Russia declared that officially it would give 10.000.000 gold rubles every year with the Turkish-Soviet Friendship Treaty (Moskow Treaty) which was signed on 16th March 1921. Yet it has sent only 15.000.000 gold rubles in two years time. This mentioned help has also carried out with the money which was collected from Buhara Republic and sent to Moscow transmit to Ankara. Connected with the economical situation of Soviet Russia, in 1922 the help decreased. In addition, the matter of communist actions being followed in Turkey the signature of Ankara Treaty with France and the establishment of political relations with the west become effective over the decrease of help. With the political support given to Turkish Independence War, military and economical support from Soviet Russia have played important role over the discouragement of the West's exploitative resistance.<

Turkish Liberation War, The Soviet Russia, Military Help

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