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The Relation of Cultural Code and Glocal Marketing in the Example of Lipton
According to Clotaire Rapaille, culture means “an innate first-aid kit”. Culture and cultural code that shared people as common meanings and symbols are considered as remarkable elements. Global brands benefit from cultural code for reaching people easier and being the most preferred brand, and prefer glocal advertising as a method that combine global and local. In this study, we addressed the concepts of glocal advertising and cultural code, and benefitted from Lipton which has been a global tea brand. These determinations and analyzes are a remarkable step in correctly reading-using-reflecting cultural data in commercials and preventing "cultural failures". In the advertisements in question, it is seen that Lipton adapted the references about the function of tea in Turkish culture as it is in the tradition, but produced an option for the tradition in some elements such as teapot, glass, spoon, sugar. Addressing the consumer with an innovation, mainly in terms of offering tea in bags, Lipton also seeks to strengthen its brand identity with its unique use of colours, cups and teapots.

Cultural Code, Glocal Advertising, Tea Culture, Lipton

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