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The Mass Migration in 1952-67 from Yugoslavia-Macedonia to Turkey & The Part of Immigrants in Bursa
Since the "Empire"s collapse to downfall, Republic's raising to increase, from Balkans, Caucasus and Crimea to Bulgaria, from 1785 to 1989, Turkey became an "immigration country" as an importer of "mass" migrations. The recent "mass" migration movement to Turkey (according to criteria of "who has Turkish origin or who hangs on the Turkish culture") was between 1952 and 1967. Bursa has been the principal attracting center for a good many of those recent immigrants. I this research in addition to theoretical, as the complementary practical part, "sample" was taken the residents of 195 houses in Bursa. Data were collected through questionnaires and interviews by household heads. Data analysis showed that, the part of immigrants in Bursa has preserved it's "inward-covered" structure on the first generation as a result of being settled in Bursa of Marmara Region, which presents similarity to "ecological-natural" and "social" environments which it has emigrate. It has continued the process of integration on the basis of "Turkish mother tongue" which was started before emigration. And with the rise of second generation, it entered to (biological and cultural) integration process with the native people and the families in "geographical-cultural" similarity and proximity distance, come first the other immigrants from the Balkans.<

Yugoslavia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Immigrants, Bursa.

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