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Aid of Atatürk to Mahmut Nedim Bey, Teacher of the Elementary School of the Village Kürkçüler
Teacher Mahmut Nedim has worked more than fifteen months in the primary school of Kurkculer village of Adana. But unfortunately the school has been abolished for good and the service of teacher Mahmut Nedim has been terminated forever. Mr. Nedim Mahmut not only lost his job but also cloud not gets the salary for fifteen months due to the abolition of ?Turkish Homeland?. Mr. Mahmut Nedim has written a lot of official and personnel letters and petitions to the concerned government institutions and organizations in order to get the remains of his salary which is sum of 640 Turkish Lira unfortunately he couldn?t get a reasonable solutions to his problems. At last Mr. Mahmut Nedim has decided to write a letter to the unique leader and the real father of Turks and founder of the great Turkish Republic Mr. Kemal Atatürk. As soon as the letter of Mahmut Nedim received on behalf of Kemal Atatürk the letter has been replied and sent to the concerned for necessary action to be taken immediately. After a long paper chase and official writings among the government officials the amount of the money required only half of it has been paid to Mr. Mahmut Nedim on 18 th November 1935 after the first letter, which has been written on 18.9.1932. The subject is so important from the views of human rights and democracy. The era of Atatürk has really full of with justice, democracy, respects to the human rights and also it is not allowed to any body under any circumstances to cheat or degradation in the territory of Turkish borders. <

Atatürk, “Turkish Homeland”, teacher, Turkey

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