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Transitional Periods in the Tatar Folk Epic Idegey”
Epic takes a special place in world culture when it comes to learning and understanding history, philosophy, and aesthetics of any nation. By the themes that are common to the whole Turkic world, the heroic epic ?Idegei? depicts social, cultural, and religious life of Tatars. This epic reflects all the dreams, hopes, traditions, customs, and government system of Tatars and of many other Turkic peoples that had all lived in one state- Golden Horde- for three centuries. Important transitional periods in a person?s life such as ?birth?, ?marriage?, and ?death? are pictured brightly in this epic. They are crucial in understanding human values of the main characters of ??Idegei?. In conclusion, it is worth mentioning, that the traditions and customs gathered in the epic are common for many Turkic peoples. It is another proof that the great Turkic world has been historically united. <

Tatar, Golden Horde, folklor, epic, tradition.

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    Karadeniz Araştırmaları "68. Sayı" yayınlandı

    Karadeniz Araştırmaları 68. sayı yayınlandı

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