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Political Terrorism and the Instrumentalization of Religion
The instrumental use of religion in politics is not just a contemporary political behavior. Religion has been one of the top priorities in determining the way of life of societies since the beginning of humanity. All religions basically showed people the truth, reflected the ideal state of life, and made individuals acquire goals by making various promises. Although its name, shape and application are in different varieties, in essence, religion is based on the struggle of human beings between good and evil. However, over time, the mutual interaction of politics and religion, which was created to organize and manage communities, started to draw attention and thus, a more functional area of influencing individuals in this common area began to be created. In other words, religion has been used throughout history in order to consolidate the authority or power desired to be established over people politically, to mobilize them asses for certain purposes and to make them the "good people" desired by the political powers. In addition, some terrorist groups and organizations use religious and religious values to consolidate and their world views and ideologies political power. This situation brings the concept of political terrorism and the instrumentalization of religion, which has an important place in shaping this concept, to the agenda. So much so that religions, whose main purpose is to show people the truth and keep them alive, are instrumentalized by terrorist organizations for their own purposes and ideologies, turning into a tool that threatens people's lives and scares societies. The main purpose of this study is try to reveal how religions, which are tos how goodness and righteousness to people and keep them alive, are transformed into terrorist organizations by instrumentalizing them.

Political Terrorism, Ideology of Religion, Instrumentalization of Religion, Relationship between Rel

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    Karadeniz Araştırmaları 74. sayı yayınlandı

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