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The Theme of Homeland in the Epic of Edigey (According to the Bashkir and Tatar Variants)
In the Edigey Epic, events take place in the geography of Desht-i Kipchak. Desht-i Kipchak is one of the geographies where Turkish people migrated from the periods before B.C., but this region has also been one of the ancient homelands of Turks. By the 13th century AD, the Mongols who came to this ancient Turkish homeland had established the Golden Horde State there, dominating the Kipchak and Bulgarians in the region. Therefore, the Turkish peoples, who were part of the population of the region during the Golden Horde there period, were mentioned in the Edigey epic. In fact, it was the Turks who heroized and epicized Edigey, which was created by the Turkish people when looking at the variants of the epic. The Edigey epic tells the story of the events between Amir Edigey, Toktamısh Khan and Timur Khan, who are true historical figures. Edigey, the protagonist of the epic, took refuge with Timur Khan, realizing that Toktamısh Khan would have him killed. With the support of Timur Khan, Edigey saves his homeland and avenges to Toktamis Khan. In the Tatar and Bashkır variants of the Edigey epic, Edigey's struggle for his life for his country became the subject. The hero of the epic, Edigey, was honored to spend his life fighting for the Urals and Idil for his people there. Edigey's love of homeland and heroism for his country were not forgotten by speaking among the Turkish people. In the Edigey Epic, Edigey's efforts to protect Ural (Yayık) and Volga from enemies, as well as his thoughts, are continued by his son and the young people of his country after he dies. As described in the Chief Constable variant, Edigey's last words to his son as a testament to his son were about protecting the homeland when he was wounded and killed in one of his battles with his enemies. In the epic, Edigey's death is portrayed as the country going dark, orphaned and entering a anxious process.

Edigey, Volga, Ural, Toktamısh, Timur

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