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A Review on the Yeşilırmak Magazine (1938-1939) A Publication of the Amasya Community Center
The innovation movement that started with the Tanzimat Period was also reflected in the press life. Magazines and newspapers, which have an important place in social life after the Tanzimat, have created a bridge between society and the state in both literary and social life. Journalism and journalism, which started with the Tanzimat Period, continued after the proclamation of the republic. Each of the journals contributes to education, culture, literature and social life. The community center practice, which was started in Ankara by the community centers established in 1932, was integrated with the local press and assumed a unifying mission in terms of informing the public as well as art and literature. This situation, which is reflected all over Turkey, has come to life with community centers. Amasya Community Center is one of the branches established at that time. Amasya Community Center has been involved in many activities and events since the day it was put into service. He participated in national holidays and other events celebrated in the city. Apart from the holiday ceremonies, commemoration events were held in Amasya Community Center. Yeşilırmak magazine, one of the magazines published in Amasya, was important in terms of revealing the course of Amasya at that time and undertook the task of conveying the idea of the republic to all members of the society throughout its publication life. In the magazine, besides the articles about Amasya, Turkish revolution, language and literature articles were also included. The aim of this study is to reveal the place of the journal in that period and its difference from other journals.

Public Houses, Amasya Community Center, Yeşilırmak Magazine

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