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Reflection of Middle School Students’ Perceptions of “Grammar” on Words and Drawings
Grammar teaching is an important component of system atic mother tongue education starting at school age. It is stated in the literature that the desired success could not be achieved in the teaching of grammar that has some important functions such as revealing the language structures in the sub-conscious of students and making the maware of their areas of usage so that they can use the listening, speaking, reading and writing skills effectively understand the functioning of the language and establish effective communication. It is stated that in a dequate explanations made to students on why they should acquire knowledge about grammar lie at the root of various problems such as teacher in competence, lack of materials, and the quality of the methods and techniques used. In this connection, the purpose of the current study is to determine middle school students’ perceptions of the grammar learning area. To this end, the study employed the phenomenological design, one of the qualitative research methods. As the data collection tools, a semi-structured drawing form and a semi-structured interview form were used. In the analysis of the collected data, content analysiswasused. In light of the findings, it can be said that middle school students’ level of awareness of the grammar learning area is high yet classroom practices make them a bit alienated to this learning area.

Turkish Education, Grammar Teaching, Perceptions, Student Drawings.

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    12.10.2023 tarihi itibariyle Dergimize gönderilen makalelerin işlem süreçleri tamamen Dergipark üzerinden yapılacaktır.

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