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A Bibliography Attempt on the Studies About “Horse Culture” and “Horse Breeding” Terminology Made in Kazakhstan
The horse has had an important place in Turkish society since ancient times. In the Central Asian geography, the findings from archaeological excavations and horse depictions in rock paintings have been remarkable in terms of showing the place of the steppe nomads in the lives of the horse since ancient times. It is known that the culture of horse riding and horse riding spread to different parts of the world from the Central Asian steppes. Horse breeding is extremely important in Kazakhstan, where horse is one of the main food sources. In this article, bibliography of the studies on horse breeding and horse culture in Kazakhstan will be included. Russian works related to the subject were examinated in the study, besides the studies mainly in Kazakh language to guide researchers. The bibliography is listed alphabetically by authors’ surname. The article is aimed to guide researchers who will work on issues such as horse culture, horse breeding and horse training in Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan, horse, horse training, horse culture, bibliography.

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