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On The Interaction of Georgian and Azerbaijani Languages
Georgian-Azerbaijani relations go back to a long history. Relations developed in many areas during this period. These fields that Georgian and Azerbaijani people were interacting in are predominantly tillage, grape growing, wine production, agricultural products, kitchen and livestock breeding etc. These concrete relations between the two nations, which have been going on for centuries, have created an interaction in the languages of the mentioned nations. The interaction occurred mostly on the lexical plane. The classification of Georgian borrowings in Azerbaijani tells us that these words belong to next fields as tillage, grape growing, wine production and agricultural products, etc. It is determined that Azerbaijani lexical units in Georgian belong mostly to fields such as country economy, animal husbandry, fishery and culinary affairs. The findings of the study are important for determining of which areas of life two nations have cooperated in the most and which business lines are characteristic and prioritized for Georgians and Azerbaijanis through history.

Georgian language, Azerbaijani language, language interaction, interaction between Georgian-Azerbaij

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    Karadeniz Araştırmaları 68. sayı yayınlandı

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