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Reflections of Anima Archetype in Women and Men Relations on the Most Bare Day of Month
One of the most important problems of social structure and social life is the relationship between men and women. The problems created by this relationship are very effective in terms of sociological and psychological aspects of the individual, family and society. The choice of the spouse / lover / friend, which is the turning point in the shaping of the life of the individual, reveals his communication with the opposite sex and helps him to adapt to the social structure as well as to move away from this structure. The relationship between men and women affects the economic, political, social, historical and religious conditions as well as the psychological inheritance they inherit from their ancestors. Archetypes/early examples, which Carl Gustav Jung describes as the product of the collective/social unconscious and transferred to the individual from the first / archaic man in the form of cultural codes, play a leading role in the individual's adaptation to society. Jung, who calls her hereditary collective male image "animus" as the male hereditary collective female image "anima", reveals how this soul image influenced the choices of both sexes to shape male-female relationships in the individual’s life. One of the most recent writers of Turkish literature, Buket Uzuner's “The Naked Day of the Month”, the stories in the story of men and women in their lives with the existing images of the eternal/imaginary women are important in terms of concretizing and sampling the different dimensions of the reflections. Through these reflections, in the study, traces of ancestral psychological heritage will be identified in the relationship between “men and women” who have occupied society throughout the history of humanity as a universal problem and the effects of the feminine element in the life of the man will be made visible on the reader.

Most Bare Day of the Month, Men and Women, Anima.

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