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Kadirov Management and New Era in Chechnya
The Chechen nationalist movement which have risen since 1990 gained large-scale support from a great number of Chechen people under Dzhohar Dudayev’s leadership and Chechens harshly resisted against the attacks of the Russian army. This resistance and Russia’s difficult situation led to the signing of the Khasavyurt Peace Accord in 1996 and Chechnya-Ichkeria won a de facto independence from Russia. However, thereafter chaos and conflicts became dominant in Chechnya, the Chechrn government weakened and Wahhabists, who increased their influence and obtained supports from some Chechen magnates, began to form threat against people. In this situation, many people who supported Chechen’s war for independence such as Akhmad Kadyrov fronted to getting along with Russia. Although Kadyrov’s regime, established with Russia’s support in the beginning of 2000s, is often criticized due to its violation of human rights and pro-Russian behavior, the Chechen people in Chechnya, who are tired of living in chaos and war, prefer Kadyrov’s regime, which brought welfare, order and peace to Chechnya and is the “lesser evil”. Besides, Russia’s uncertain future creates uneasiness on Chechnya’s future. While Ramzan Kadyrov can play a more important role in Russia after Putin, this fact lies on the basis of criticisms against Kadyrov.

Chechnya, Kadyrov’s Regime, Russia, the Chechen Wars

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