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Identity, Culture and Social Change in Loms: The Examples of Ardanuç, Şavşat and Yusufeli
This study aims to understand how Loms living in the Eastern Black Sea region identifies themselves, society's point of view towards themselves, cultural identities and what kind of changes have occurred in social structures. Within the scope of this purpose, a total of 9 interviews were conducted with Artvin in Ardanuç county with 3 (2 woman and 1 man), in Şavşat county with 2 (1 woman and 1 man) and in Kınalıçam village in Yusufeli county with 4 (2 woman and man). Qualitative research method was used in the study and in-depth interview technique was used. As a result of the interviews, it was determined that Loms rejected the Gypsy/Roma identity and defined themselves as Muslim, conservative and Turkish. Loms, also known as Poşa, has reached the conclusion that they see themselves as an excluded and otherized group of social, economic, political and cultural lands of society. It has been seen that identity-centered sociological problems have become the driving force of change in terms of Loms.

Identity, Ethnicity, Culture, Social Change, Loms

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