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The Analysis of Socio-Political Attitudes and Behaviours around the axis of the concept of Social Exclusion: The Case of Hopa
This research project tries to understand whether the socio-political, economic and cultural attitudes and behaviours of Hamshenis’ and Lazs’ produces social exclusion effects in particular situations, and if there existed such effects, how these effects were produced. The project was conducted as a field research in 2013-2014 these dates. It was a qualitative research and fundamentally used the arguments of interpretative methodology and also particularly of the critical methodology. Data was collected by conducting “unstructured interview” technique. The researcher made interviews with 32 people of which 12 of them were female and 20 of them were male interviewees. Among the interviewers who define themselves in terms of ethnicity 16 of them are identified as from Laz ethnicity and 16 are as from Hemshin ethnicity. In this study, the economic, spatial, cultural and political dimensions of social exclusion are investigated and the effects of ethnicity on the issue of social exclusion are discussed. Based on the conducted interviews and observations, the social exclusion based on ethnic identity are experienced to a significant extent.

Social Exclusion, Ethnicity, Hemshin, Laz, Hopa

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