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Migration, Working Life and Gender: Domestic and Unregistered Labor of Woman in Hopa Comparative Perspective
This study examines the international migration process from a gender perspective and aims to compare the positions and organizational forms in the post-migration working life of women workers in the host society and migrant women labor force, which constitute a part of this process. In accordance with this purpose, in this study, in-depth interviews were conducted within the qualitative research methodology with a total of 22 people, including 16 Georgian women workers migrating to study Hopa from Georgia and 6 women living in Hopa. At negotiations, domestic and unregistered women labor force have reached the conclusion that they differ in terms of sociological dynamics such as working conditions, wage levels, possessed qualities and different business lines.

International Migration, Labor Force Market, Domestic and Unregistered, Women Labor Force, Hopa.

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