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Evaluation of Artvin in terms of Hydroelectric Power Plants
Today's energy demand is increasing in parallel with technological developments and it also brings some energy resources to the foreground as a result. Especially renewable energy sources are preferred because they are clean, reliable and less harmful to the environment. The availability of these resources in nature and the use of energy as a result of energy recovery is important in terms of conservation of the natural environment cycle. Artvin Province is a big issue in terms of water resources in our country. The efficient use of these resources is important for both the region and the country's economy. Hydroelectric power plants used in the conversion of water resources to energy have an important place for Artvin. Because Artvin is directly affected by the positive or negative aspects of environmental effects. It is of utmost importance that the planning, project, construction and operation phases of hydroelectric power plants, which are directly affected by all the living creatures living in the province of Artvin, are carried out carefully. The hydroelectric power plants constructed and to be constructed for this reason should not only be evaluated from the point of view of the energy source of our country but also the economic, environmental, climatic and local people should be considered.

Artvin, Hydroelectric Power Plants, Environmental Impact, Renewable Energy, Dams

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