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An Important Resource In Researches And Revıews of Balkan Turkish Folklore: Çevren Magazine
The Balkans, which were under Ottoman rule for over 500 years, are one of the important parts of the Turkish cultural geography. Since the Ottoman period, magazines and newspapers have been published in order to keep Turkish identity and Turkish culture in this geography and to announce the voice of Turk. Among these magazines published in the Balkans HAVE an unquestionable role of Balkans in culture and life of Turkish.Çevren published in Kosova has an important role. “Çevren Society, Art and Science Magazine" published in Pristina by Tan publications lasted nearly 20 years from November 1973 until December 1992. The magazine was published a total of 92 numbers, including 82 in this period. There is also a private number, published in May 1984, which is not numbered. In the magazine where various literary genres are written, it is written about the history, society, politics, architecture, language, literature, philosophy, music and other branches of art, especially about Turkish folklore. In the declaration, folklore writings in Çevren magazine will be introduced and evaluated in context and function. The related articles will be handled by dividing them into subheadings according to species and folklore products they contain and from here they will be tried to reveal the contributions of the magazine to the introduction and examination of Balkan Turkish folk literature and folklore.

Balkans, Kosovo, Turkish periodical, Çevren magazine, folklore

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